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I really love this site :P, ever since I started it, I have just blown up on musical.y. Thank you for creating it.. My ownly wish is that the service was a little faster but can't compalin too much! WOo!

I have been featured well over 6 times. Thank you MusicallyFame for all your help... I only purchased 20k yet received over 200k fans ever since. I love you.

Never thought it would work at first but lo and behold it did! I've been quite a frequent customer ever since and aond plan on slowing down any time soon. I've been feature twice so far. I cannot wait to get featured some more times.

Absouutley joyful about this site. :P Haven't been able to find another like it.. I'm now ranking ahead of all my friends. Services like this make things easier as I always had good content but never had people to view it.